Thursday, 25 February 2010


I never used to like MAC or the thought of spending too much money on any type of make-up, especially since I usually don't wear a lot. But then one day I sat down and started watching YouTube videos of different types of eyeshaddows, eyeliners, foundations, blushers and so on. The ones that I came across the most were MAC and Coastal Scents

Over the past few years, I usually ended up buying my mascara from Rimmel, which I still love by the way. I used to use Rimmel Volume Flash. I loved how it gave my lashes the volume it needed as well as the length. You can usually get this from almost anywhere that sells make-up, and the price starts roughly from £4.99. 

After a while I realised that before the day was over, my mascara was 'crumbling off' and wasn't looking so fresh any more. Not to mention the amount of times it would go into my eyes and make me all 'teary'. So I decided I should try something different, but didn't know if I could trust everything that I saw advertisements for. So I put my trust in my mum when she recommended CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara.

Ever since the first time I tried this, I have stuck to it and never regretted it. Obviously everyone has their own taste and their own experiences, but for me this was the mascara that I found suited me the most. It lasts all day... I mean all day without anything happening to it. Not mention its so incredibly easy to take off. 

I just use warm water to gently wash off, and when I look in the mirror you cant even tell I had mascara on. It does not leave you with Panda eyes. It all just comes off without a trace around your eyes. Then I just follow with my 3-step CLINIQUE skin care. This mascara will set you back by £14.50, it's not cheap, but its worth it. 

Anyway, back to my MAC products. I started buying a few bits here and there, and now I have a few things, not much, but a few essential things. 

I like their blusher. The one that I have is MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty, which cost £17 from any MAC outlet or their UK website. It does stay on almost all day, and it looks really natural. (sorry about the quality of the pictures, but I cant find the USB wire for my camera, so I had to use my iPhone camera which is not good at all)


Its like a light pinkish colour with a little bit of shimmer. My favourite colour being pink, I had to get this blusher. It suits me and my skin colour well, not to mention most of my lipsticks and lipglosses are pink too. 

Speaking of Pink lipglosses, I decided to try a different colour. I bought myself MAC Tinted Lipglass (yes lipglass not lipgloss) in a colour called Spite. They have described it as 'Muted plum-taupe brown' on their website, and it is a light plum-brown colour and its beautiful. Unfortunately i lost mine after using it 3 times. Yes only 3 times and I lost it. I was so upset, because I loved it, it was so pretty. One layer was enough, because the colour was just right, after that first layer, and it stayed on for quite a few hours. It costs £12 on their website, and Im going to have to buy a new one next time I'm in MAC

Just a little update :-)
Today a friend of mine dropped by and gave me this lipglass as a present. I was so happy, I finally have my lipglass back..yay!!!!! Thank you G. L.