Saturday, 3 April 2010

Disposable toilet seat covers

You might think this is a strange post, but I'm a bit of a clean freak....

I found the best thing ever the other day...flushable toilet covers. I have children, and my son is potty trained. When I take him out he needs to use the toilet like the rest of us. Me and bacteria dont mix very well, so i would like to know that I'm letting my son use a clean toilet. I guess I'm a bit like Monica from friends (laughing to myself right now thinking about her and her strange ways).

I bought these flushable toilet seat covers on ebay, you get 30 for £2.99 from here. They are very handy as they come in a little bag that fits in your handbag. They are flushable which i think is great.

Let me know what you think :-))))