Thursday, 29 April 2010


A few weeks ago I went into LUSH again and couldn't resist buying their Ma Bar Bath Bar. It smells incredibly good, and highly edible almost.... It smells of chocolate, toffee and honey all rolled into one. It cost's £2.45 for 100g, and you can buy it from here. It will last you almost 3 baths. You just have to break it up into three pieces, unless you want extreme bubbles and strong smell. 

I used half of the bar, and I got lots of bubbles, and the whole bathrooms smelt divine. I couldn't wait to get into the bath. Be warned, it does make your bathwater look dirty, and brown and unclean. But I think it's just that little brown part of the bar, it's not a lovely colour for your bath water to be, but you know it's clean and it's only from the bar. You can't really see the brownish colour of the bath, I took these pictures with my iPhone, I'm trying to get a better camera for the future hopefully. 

To be honest I didn't care if it made my skin soft or not, all I wanted was to smells as good as the bar did afterwards. 

In conclusion, I had a very faint smell afterwards, my skin felt normal, not dried out or very soft. It didn't do much apart from smelling nice and making me want to stay in the bath all night long.