Wednesday, 17 March 2010

LUSH haul + review

I've been away for a bit now, and the main reason was that I went to Cardiff to visit my friend for a week. I was meant to write on my blog, but after two days of being there I got sick. I'm still recovering, I had a bad case of the 'flu'! Not good at all.

While I was there, before I got sick, I went into LUSH and I wanted to get quite a few things from there. I wasn't too sure what, but I was willing to try a few new things from there. I love the fact that they are natural, not too heavily scented, mostly natural scents. I must admit, at first I couldn't stand LUSH, and I couldn't stand the smell coming from the shop every time I walked past it in Bluewater. My friend from Cardiff somehow managed to convince me to try one of their products and she couldn't stop going on about it. It was 'Buffy'. It looks like a bar of soap, a square one, but it's not soap. It's an 'exfoliating scrub for your seating area' as described on their website. It weighs about 90g, and comes at a price of £5.

It smells very natural, it's hard to explain the smell apart from calling it natural. If you rub your finger over it, your finger gets a little bit oily, and you can also feel all the grainy bits which help exfoliate your skin. 

When you use it, you just wash your hair as normal, and turn off the shower. Wet the bar a little bit and scrub yourself with it. Don't over do it, just a nice light scrub, and put it away. Then you just use your hands to rub the 'grainy' bits left on your skin all over to give yourself a good scrub. You then rinse yourself,. That's it. Just a rinse. Turn off the shower and pat dry yourself and you are done. You will notice your body feels like you have just put baby oil all over yourself. But not greasy to that extent. You don't need to cream yourself at all. You will have lovely soft skin. If you leave the bar in your shower and let it get wet, you will almost ruin it. I recommend you buy the Body Butter Tin.

This bar is what made me go back for more!

This time round, I bought these products:

Daddy-O shampoo was recommended to me by the sales person, after I explained to him what my hair type is like and my scalp, whether its dry or greasy and so on. This shampoo is normally recommended to people with blonde or grey hair, and contains lemons and lime juice to make your hair shiny, for some reason he obviously thought this was best suited for me. I don't regret buying it though. I love the smell. It has a light violet scent. It's so fresh and summery..I can't really explain it apart from recommending you to go and have a sniff yourself. I've used this shampoo twice so far and I love how it foams up so fast and you can actually feel your hair getting clean. Once rinsed, your hair actually feels squeaky clean, like when you use a soap that has no creamy texture to it, your hands kind of squeak? I hope you know what I mean.

I then used American Cream conditioner. It smells so good, it's like a vanilla honey slight strawberry first when you breathe it in, you don't get all that smell, but it's the after smell where it all comes out, when you breathe out. It contains honey water, vanilla pod infusion, oranges, strawberries along with other stuff... 

The conditioner isn't as thick as other conditioners from other brands, mainly because it is very natural, but nonetheless, it works really well. I applied it to my hair, washed my body, and then rinsed it and brushed my hair after I got out of the shower. I roughly blow dried my hair, and my hair was so soft. I loved it. Normally I need to straighten my hair for it to feel soft, but this time it felt soft just after blow-drying it. It's also quite shiny.
I recommend you put the conditioner on away from your roots. Conditioner is for your hair where the natural oils from your scalp can't reach. The hair closer to your scalp gets conditioned with the natural oils from your scalp. 

Snake Oil Scalp Massage I have used only once. During winter months, my hairline by my forehead gets very dry and itchy and it's only that part of my scalp. I told them about this and I was recommended to use this bar before I shower. I wet the bar and rub it onto my hands and then massage it into the dry areas. I've only used it once and for some reason it seems as if it has disappeared. I'm actually quite shocked. That's one product I will be using again. Even on their own website people are talking about how it worked the first time they used it. Although it does not smell very pleasant at all. It's very oily, one touch and my fingertips are all oily. I recommend this if you have dandruff, because it really moisturises your scalp and the tea tree oil kills of any microbes that might cause the dandruff. 

Honey I washed The kids is the nicest, yummiest soap I have ever smelt or used in my life. It smells so good I actually want to eat it. But I wont. It kind of smells similar to Werther's Original but with more of a honey smell. It's excellent for me because I can use this on myself as well as my children because it's mild enough for their delicate skin. I used it once, and the smell was on my skin for a few good hours, I kept smelling my arm every so often.

Angels On Bare Skin is a face scrub which is quite good. It has ground almond and some essential oils in it. When it was tested on my hand in the shop, my hand immediately felt soft. It's like a really thick paste, you take a small amount in your hand and add a little water to dissolve it. Once dissolved, you rub it all over your face and gently massage your skin. Rinse and pat dry for soft skin and a glowing complexion. When I took this home and tried it for the first time, everything felt fine, but as soon as I rinsed it off, a little bit went into my nose and I couldn't stop sneezing for at least 10min. I came out from the shower and my face developed a rash, I was scratching all over my face. I guess I had an allergic reaction to the almonds in the scrub.

I took it back and exchanged it for Baby Face which cost £4.10, a little cheaper. It basically is like a little soap bar, but it's not actually soap. It's almost like a hard block of make-up remover. You wet it and rub it in your hands and apply it to your face. Massage in and take of with a little warm water on cotton wool and you will see all your make-up come off. Not recommended for removing mascara. It's not the greatest thing invented when removing make-up, but it works ok and leaves your skin soft.

If you have any recommendations or want any more information about these products, please leave your comments below.